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Our Research Fellows

Restu Mahesa

Dr. Restu Mahesa

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Township Director at Agung Sedayu Group

Smart city, Urban Sustainability

Muhammad Hanafi

Dr. Muhammad Hanafi

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Secretary General Indonesia Metalurgist Profesional Association

Mining and Smelter Industry Policy

Research Associates

Wulan Asti Rahayu
Brilliant Asmit
Rama Permana
Annisa Mutiara

Wulan Asti Rahayu, MM, Ph.D(c)

Brilliant Asmit, MSM, Ph.D(c)

Rama Permana, MBA

Annisa Nurbaeti Mutiara, S.E.

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Consumer Behavior


Sustainability Transitions


Research fellows and research associates work closely with the center experts to tackle complex policy problems and provide sound research as a base for making decision

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